Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The King Which Knew Not Joseph

Exo 1:8 Now there arose up a new king over Egypt, which knew not Joseph.

The Jews had gained great favor in Egypt, primarily due to Joseph's providential work which saved the nation and the world. For centuries, they enjoyed a favored status. However, over periods of time, important elements of history and custom give way to cynicism and what seems to be pragmatic.

Thus, with a succession of Pharaohs and generations, the Jews were relegated to 3rd rate citizens. They became slaves to the Pharaoh's visions of grandeur. The question is often, how were the pyramids built? The answer is simply - on the backs of the Jews.

History is repeating itself in modern America. This once great nation, begun as a church relocation effort and built on Christian principles, now has at its head, a Pharaoh who knows not Christianity.

He has shamed our nation to the world by bowing to Muslim Kings, apologizing for our greatness and declaring that America is not a Christian nation. He has done away with the presidential prayer breakfast, refused to give a Christmas speech, and has changed the White House decorations from "Christmas" to "holiday."

Soon, we will find ourselves in slavery to our new Pharaoh as a reparative act for the slavery of the past.

Mark my words, the America of prosperity, liberty, opportunity and Christianity we have all known for so long is gone. Our new "massa" is going to be heavy taxation so that the slothful can live like royalty, have their gas tanks full and their bills paid by their messiah. Decent Americans will be stripped the straw used to make our bricks, our God given and Constitutional rights, and be forced to double our labors so the shiftless may have their entitlements.

We need a revival and a revolution. The bums have to be thrown out while there is still a vestige of those who know Joseph!

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