Thursday, October 22, 2015

Best Pastor Appreciation ever!

I must confess, no matter how overwhelmingly positive, this pessimist can always find the downside, the dark spot, the “yeah, but…”

Surely, by now you grasp that social media can be a bane or a blessing. For all the potential power of good made possible by Facebook, there is always that negative, thoughtless, ignorant, opposing or downright hurtful post that can negate all the inspirational and affirmative material so lovingly generated by goodhearted souls.

I have viewed with incredulity a few comments posted this “Pastor Appreciation Month” that were anything but appreciative and gracious toward those who would have laid down their lives for them. We wonder if they even consider how spitefully their impetuous testimonials rend the very fabric of God-ordained ministry.

But these drive-by assaults are not the norm. Perhaps they were typed as depraved human nature sought to lash out, to dig, to extract a pound of flesh, to satisfy a modicum of revenge, to contribute a piece of one’s mind.  

But then, the cards come in. The dozen or so in the mailbox offering grateful thanks and appreciation. Some containing cherished gift cards to coffee shops, some with sacrificial love offerings. That’s when the heart swells with gratitude, the spirit bows in humility, and the flesh tingles with goosebumps.

Best of all, there are the handmade cards that flood from the children. Here are a few excerpts that have made this the very best Pastor Appreciation Month ever:

“Thank you for preaching to us and showing us the Word of God.”

“More love to the best pastor ever.”

“Thank you for something.” (one of my favorites!)

“Thank you for being there for us when we need you. And thank you for praying for me.”

“Thank you pastor, for baptizing me. Thank you for telling my mom the truth. Thank you for what you have done for us, you’re the best pastor in the whole entire world. Thank you for everything you have done. Thank you so much!”

You are welcome kids! I am blessed to be your pastor!!!