Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gen 19 Entertaining Angels.

The Word tells us that we may possibly entertain angels unawares. Abraham received a visit from 3 men, 2 angels and the Lord. Here, in Gen 19, Lot receives a visit from 2men (angels).

Contrast Lot's angelic visit with the visitation to Abraham's tent. I think these angels are two of the same visitors to each, minus the Christophanes (an appearance of Christ in the Old Testament).

In contrast, we see...

1. Good news to came to Abraham, Bad news to Lot.
2. An announcement of life was given to Abraham, an announcement of death to Sodom and Gomorrah.
3. Sarah laughed, Lot's wife cried.
4. Sarah was to bring forth kings, Lot's wife would turn to a pillar of salt.
5. Abraham's visitors received a meal and great hospitality, Lot's visitors were assaulted.
6. Abraham was blessed, Lot was cursed.

These people were all related, yet their angelic visitation was completely different. Why? It is due to:
1. Where they lived
2. What they did
3. What their purpose was
4. What their reaction was

The Word says that the sinful atmosphere of Lot's poor choice vexed his righteous soul.

Some of us choose the well watered plains or bright lights and big city over God's will. Lot's choice was made because what he saw appealed to his senses, but it cost him his wife and his home. Be careful how you make the big decisions of life.

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