Friday, January 29, 2010

Luke's Gospel

Lk 1

The gospel of Luke, the longest book in the New Testament, was written by Luke to Theophilus.

The word Theophilus means “a friend (or lover) of God,” or a pious man; and it has been supposed by some that Luke did not refer to any particular “individual,” but to any man that loved God;

It is probable that he was some distinguished Roman or Greek who had been converted, who was a friend of Luke, and who had requested an account of these things. (Barnes)

Therefore, though this gospel was intended by Luke for an individual in his contemporary time, the Holy Ghost intends it for a lovers of God for all time.

This book is a tremendous gift of God's love to us as it presents the story of Jesus' birth and ministry from the perspective of a medical doctor.

We are excited about this journey through Luke's good news of the gospel.

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