Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thanks Readers!

Dear readers, I want to thank you from the depths of my heart for browsing and perusing my blogs these last several years.

I have to confess to you that I have recently suffered a writer's block. The importance of writing is evident. It disciplines a person in many ways. It keeps the writer accountable to his own studies and to the readers. It codifies the thoughts rolling around the brain and organizes them into cognizant ideas.

Needless to say, there are many things rolling around in my brain that have not made their way to the keyboard. This is to my own detriment.

Chalk it up to priorities, interests, passions and time-management. (i.e. hunting and football season)

I hope to soon get back to blogging on a regular basis. I NEED to blog. Whether it is of any help to you, or whether you are able to borrow any of the material, or whether you are blessed by my thoughts, I just wanted to express how humbled I am by, among others, Chinese, Russian, French, Ukrainian, Indian, Filipino, Germans, Poles, Canadian and Yankee readers.

Let's have a little Preacher's Blog reunion one of these days up in glory for all that are alumni readers of my posts. You can all come over to my mansion for a backyard BBQ.

Blessings to all!

Friday, January 16, 2015

The Cream Always Rises to the Top

Joseph is one of the most accurate types of Jesus in the Bible. Others to be considered: Melchisedec, Isaac, sacrificial lambs, Joshua, etc.

But in Joseph, we find no fault. He was sold into slavery by those of his own household for 20 pieces of silver. He was falsely accused and imprisoned. “He never said a mumblin’ word” when he was taken from judgment to prison.

Here is something that strikes me, Joseph could have, maybe even should have, exacted revenge on so many…
      1. His rotten-to-the-core, conniving, jealous, lying, treacherous brothers who perfidiously sold him into slavery.
      2. That salacious, dark-hearted, lustful wife of Potiphar who lied about a good man for spurning her advances. Note that Joseph never accused her, never cried out against her wickedness.
      3. Those human-trafficking Syrian merchants who sold Joseph into Egyptian servitude.
      4.  Potiphar himself, who chose to believe his scandalous wife on the spot and had a good, innocent man committed to prison.
      5. The Butler. He was blessed to be reinstated to his office as cup-bearer to the Pharaoh, and should have rendered to Joseph props at his earliest convenience. But he forgot! How could you forget the one formerly called a dreamer, but is now the consummate interpreter of dreams?

Joseph could easily have couched himself as the victim, but became a victor. He might have taken on the role of vigilante, but became the savior of the ancient world. His attitude, compassion and spirit of service are exemplary. He foreshadows impeccably the coming Savior Who would come unto His own, yet His own would receive Him not. He would be the object of false witness, rage, jealousy, treachery and betrayal. Yet, on the cross, He Who could have presently called 12 legions of angels to deliver Him and destroy His abusers, chose forgiveness.

Perhaps today, you will be wronged. You will be overlooked, under-appreciated, vilified or worse. You will have the power to hold a grudge, get even, give them a piece of your mind. Or, you can take the example of Joseph, or even Jesus and bless those who persecute you.

One allows you to get even, the other allows you to rise to the top. The Cream always does. 

Friday, January 2, 2015

The Accusations of a Small Man

Job 8

Bildad the Shuhite - get it? Shoe height?

It is said that some people are a blessing where ever they go. Others are a blessing whenever they go! 

Bildad is a small man because of his inflated conception of his own wisdom. He represents religion, making mention of God, but having no understanding of Him. Bildad is an OT Pharisee who would fit in well today with some of the judgmental brethren.

See if the way he deals with a needy "friend" sounds familiar to you. Here are his accusations against righteous Job.

"You are full of hot air" 2
"You just don't get God" 3
"Your kids are sinners" 4
"You aren't praying like you should" 5
"If you were right with God, surely you'd prosper" 6
"You forget God" 13
"You are a hypocrite" 13
"If you were right with God, you wouldn't be forsaken" 20
"You won't get any help from Him because you are a sinner" 20

It is no wonder this poor, put upon man, Job, concludes later on "miserable comforters are ye all!"

When you happen upon a brother or sister in pain, have some compassion and use wisdom as you minister to them. Be very careful about making accusations, veiled or overt. God pairs us with needy souls to minister, to reach out to them, to lift them up, to offer hope and tangible assistance. Don't be the small, judgtmental, accusatory person who exacerbates misery.