Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Why I go to Church

Top 13 reasons in random order:
1. I love Jesus. He said, if you love me, keep my commandments. Since He says not to forsake the assembly, I strive to obey. God tells me to not miss church.
2. If I am not there, I can't contribute to the offering
3. Jesus promised to show up. And when He shows up, I don't want to miss what He is doing
4. There are people there who need what I have to contribute
5. There are people there I need to draw from
6. A meal has been prepared for me. It would be rude not to be in my place at the table
7. What better things could possibly be happening elsewhere?
8. When I joined, I made a commitment to be there to support the church
9. Nowhere else do I pray or preach or sing like I do there
10. Because the family gathers there and I am part of the family
11. Because I have a ministry job there and if I am missing, someone else has to fill in
12. God has given me a spiritual gift to bless the church. My absence robs the church of that gift
13. When I am not there, others, especially the pastor, get discouraged.