Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tribulation is Coming

Sadly, we have all been so conditioned, so lulled to sleep by a sense of security that we are completely complacent. People do not have the intestinal fortitude nor the spiritual strength to withstand the rigors of tribulation. 

There will be a great separation of the possessors from the professors. We need a real, heaven sent, Holy Ghost revival, or we (many of us) are sunk. Ah, but those who find the Lord their Rock and Refuge will stand in His strength. I trust I am prepared, but I know that I must dig deeper in His Word, hold tighter to His promises, depend greater on His Spirit and work harder in His vineyard. 

I fear for those I know who are asleep. To them, church is ho-hum, character is at a low ebb, their lives are filled with idolatry and they crave the love and approval of the world. Yes, pandemonium is coming. Prepare your hearts. Lean on Him for understanding, strength, grace and mercy. All else will crumble like a dried potsherd under the weight of a heavy stone.

Friday, November 1, 2013


Judges 2:5  And they called the name of that place Bochim: and they sacrificed there unto the LORD.

The Israelites received a dire warning from the Lord that, because of their disobedience, troublesome days were ahead.

1. Joshua was dead. They lacked a great leader.
2. They failed to drive out the wicked inhabitants from the Land.
3. They failed to destroy their pagan altars.

From now on, they would be troubled by the Canaanites and their idolatry would be a constant plague to them. So now, they call this place of reckoning Bochim, a place of weeping.

I think of the believer who refuses to do as the Lord commands concerning evil influences in his life. Rather than reject the devilish, he embraces it. Old habits die hard, they say. Sure, especially when they are not excluded.

And, as sure as winter follows autumn, troubles ensue the one who keeps one foot in the world while claiming to follow the Lord.

Give your idols up! Drive out the evil from your land of inheritance. Put yourself in a place of blessing from the Lord. In that place, you will find joy and weeping will vanish.

Kneel at the cross,
Give your idols up,
Look unto realms above;
Turn not away
To life's sparkling cup;
Trust only in His love.

Kneel at the cross,
Leave ev'ry care
Kneel at the cross,
Jesus will meet you there.