Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What do you know?

Knowledge must be tempered by charity and wisdom. I confess, I don’t know very much, but what I do know is more than I need! It is a huge blessing to know the following:

I know that God is alive and I will see him! Job 19:25-26
I know that Jesus is the truth! Matt 22:16, Lk 20:21, John 3:2, John 21:24 
I know that I am a sinner! Rom 7:14, 18 
I know that God is in control of every situation! Rom 8:28 
I know I will have a new body, made by God! 2Cor 5:1 
I know that I know Him! 1Jn 2:3, I Jn 3:2
I know we are in the last days! 1Jn 2:18 
I know that I am saved! 1Jn 3:14 
I know that my belief system is true! 1Jn 3:19 
I know that He is with me always! 1Jn 3:24 
I know that I love God's people! 1Jn 5:2 
I know He hears and answers my prayers! 1Jn 5:15
 I know that I have the power to say no to sin! 1Jn 5:18 
I know that I am sanctified from the world! 1Jn 5:19 

I guess I do know a few things worth knowing! What do you know?

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