Thursday, April 25, 2013

God Speaks out of the Whirlwind

Job 38:1  Then the LORD answered Job out of the whirlwind, and said...

I find this opening salvo of God's justification to Job quite striking. It was a tornado that ripped Job's children from him. It was a whirlwind of accusations from Job's 3 buddies and Elihu that had further discouraged and disgusted the patriarch. Now, from anther tornado, God speaks!

"Who created everything and set the world in order? Who made you and gave you breath? If you think you know everything, if you want to second-guess me, then let me tell you what it is really all about, pipsqueak!"

Well, most of us never had to suffer one-one thousandth of what Job did, but we have experienced our share of craziness in life. The devil did his thing against us, faux friends showed there true colors, people turned their backs on us; we have lost our fair share of “stuff.” A person could relate some of these episodes in our journeys to tornadoes of trouble, whirlwinds of woe.

But if we listen closely enough, God will speak out of that craziness. His voice will whisper from the cacophony of the tornado. His still small voice can be heard through the din of the despair that threatens to totally undo us.

Wonderful words of life will speak to our circumstance. Blessings from above will fall upon our situation. Letters of love can be seen written on our dark clouds of despair and the dust that settles around us after life explodes.

It is not God's way to be silent forever. As with the children of Israel in bondage, He sees our affliction, He hears our cries of distress, He knows our predicament and, in His good time, He will come down to deliver.

His faithful servant Job experienced the powers of hell being unleashed upon his possessions, his family and his health. His friends paid a visit and railed upon him. God was silent for a while. He knew all about Job and his trial. Shoot, He even authorized it! When Job searched before and behind him and God seemed to be absent, when he looked to the right and left and couldn't track the Almighty, he exclaimed, "Won't somebody tell me where I might find my God!"

But God was there all the time. Job didn't know it, but God had His hand on him. Job thought this was the end, but God knew the end from the beginning. God had great things in store for the man who thought it was all over.

Finally, in God's own good time, which is always the best timing, while the tornado was still doing its destruction, God spoke. As soon as He did, understanding began to open, wisdom began to flow, healing commenced to occur, and blessing started to pour from heaven upon His servant.

Stay faithful, storm-weary traveler. Don't succumb to the temptation to curse God and die. Don't give in to self-pity. Don't turn from the commandments. Stay true! Bless the name of the Lord. Maintain faith and praise. Listen to the voice of the One Who rides upon the storms. When He finally speaks, He will give the last word and the whirlwind will subside.

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