Wednesday, March 3, 2010

God's Providence

Act 23:13 And they were more than forty which had made this conspiracy.
Act 23:14 And they came to the chief priests and elders, and said, We have bound ourselves under a great curse, that we will eat nothing until we have slain Paul.
Act 23:15 Now therefore ye with the council signify to the chief captain that he bring him down unto you to morrow, as though ye would enquire something more perfectly concerning him: and we, or ever he come near, are ready to kill him.
Act 23:16 And when Paul's sister's son heard of their lying in wait, he went and entered into the castle, and told Paul.

I believe it was Ben Franklin who said, "The longer I live, the more convinced I am that God exists and that He rules in the affairs of men."

Amen, Ben!

What I find notable in today's reading is that it was Paul's sister's son who heard of the conspiracy to kill the Apostle. He was in just the right place at just the right time to hear and act upon this plot. He had access to Paul to warn him and was given an audience with the chief captain to report the plan.

Also, the fact that Paul had a sister struck me. What must it have been like to have a brother, a Pharisee of the Pharisees, who went from persecutor to believer, yea a leader of the Christians? Was she also a believer? Would she side with Paul as a brother in the flesh or a brother in the Lord? Or, would she be antagonistic toward his new found faith?

It appears that Paul's wife may have abandoned him because of his Christianity. It would not be a stretch to imagine other family members leaving his side.

Thank God that his nephew, believer or not, was instrumental in God's plan to see to it that Paul's ministry would not be cut short by an ambush.

Such is God's love and leadership in each of our lives. He has a plan for each of us and will move heaven and earth to see that plan through. You are integral to God's purpose for His kingdom, for your life and in the lives of others. It is best to cooperate with His plan and purpose by being in the right place at the right time.

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