Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'll Pass on the Pig

Deu 14:3 Thou shalt not eat any abominable thing

4 years ago, my wife and I decided that from henceforth, we would abstain from pork and McDonalds. We did not make this decision to abstain for religious purposes, per se.

We had moral issues with McDonalds, who were passing out witches in their happy meals and funding anti-gun legislation, among other things political. Oh, I mustn't forget, we watched "Super-Size Me" and that's enough to get anyone to quit Micky-D's!

As to the pork issue, we had just finished a series of lectures by a good Christian chiropractor on healthy lifestyles. So, we just made the decision and have stuck with it.

Now, do we believe it is okay, in this age of grace, to partake of fried catfish, boiled crawdads, broiled lobster and breaded pork chops? Of course! The vision given to Peter on the housetop taught mainly that God accepts Gentiles into His family. But a secondary truth is that all foods, for which thanks are given, are edible.

But we do have to ask ourselves why the Jews were not allowed to partake of bottom feeders and cannibalistic animals. They are not as good for us and they tend to be more toxic. Hence, our vow not to partake.

We have received much criticism and some good natured ribbing about our decision not to pig out on pig. Now, know we have not gone overboard on this thing. Our children eat bacon at grandpa's house. We don't tell anyone else they shouldn't eat pork. We are with Paul on this, don't offend others by pushing your beliefs on them about diet.

My questions for our detractors; Why don't you eat bats? Do you partake of snake and worms? Have you eaten an owl or an eagle lately? Of course they haven't. Why? That's disgusting culturally. People wouldn't think of eating those animals unless they were starving. Well, put yourself in the Jew's shoes then and think of how disgusting shrimp is to them.

Eat what you want, as long as it is healthy, and give thanks for it. Meanwhile, I am passing on the pig.

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