Friday, June 26, 2009

Hark, is that the Ark?

I am as excitedly nervous as can be about the supposed Friday unveiling of the Ark of the Covenant that has been rumored to be in Ethiopia for the past 24-26 hundred years.
The story of how it got there has always made perfect sense to me. Solomon linked up with the Queen of Sheba who came up to Jerusalem to see if everything she had heard about him were true. Eventually she said, the half has not been told! It is even said that Canticles, the Song of Solomon, was based on their love story.
As the account goes, they had a son as a result of their relationship who grew to become very ardent in his faith in the God of Solomon’s fathers. As Solomon’s life and morals began to decline as he took numerous wives and concubines who worshiped false deities, he became suspicious of Solomon’s stand for God (YHWH). He supposedly replicated the Ark, slipped the fake one into the temple and spirited the real Ark to Ethiopia for safe keeping, where it has remained unto this day.
If tomorrow’s announcement of the unveiling by The patriarch of the Orthodox Church of Ethiopia is the real deal, we are about to lay eyes on the greatest archaeological find in the history of mankind. In that Ark should be the two tables of stone carved by the very finger of Almighty God several thousand years ago on Sinai and given to Moses for Israel and the world.
Now, do you understand why I am excited? To believers, it will only strengthen their faith. To many of the lost, it will mean nothing. Even such a discovery would not shake their devotion to their self-god. But there are many who may just have a reality seed planted concerning the veracity of God’s Word. I can only pray!
By the way, could you imagine if Mr. Netanyahu could get his grubbies on this? The Iranian Mullahs wouldn’t stand a chance if it came to fists over their nuke program.
Finally, the real importance of the Ark, should this prove to be it, is that the timing could not be better. The Temple Institute has trained its priests for service in the next temple. Furnishings, instruments and vestments have all been prepared. A true red heifer has been genetically produced, whose ashes would be needed to cleanse the temple. All that remains would be the building of the temple and a false Christ to sit therein. And now, this, the Ark, ready to be shipped to the spot for the completion of the scenario.
Lift up your heads for your redemption draweth nigh!!!

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jacob said...

Who cares about a fake ‘Ark of the Covenant.’ Stephan Huller has an academic article coming up which proves that this:

is the original Episcopal throne of Alexandria, mentioned in the Acts of Peter the Patriarch, Origen, Clement and other sources and dated to the first century.

I read the book. I loved it but I want to know what everyone else thinks? I think its very important but I am not an expert.

His blog with additional information is

Maybe you can tell me if this for real.