Sunday, March 22, 2009

Multiplied by the Myriad

Psalm 104

The Creator and Sustainer of the universe, this earth and all the inhabitants is lifted up in this great chapter. Notably, the abundance that He provides fills our stomachs, nourishes our bodies, gladdens our hearts, enhance our countenances and strengthen our hearts...vss 13-15

In the 24th verse, the psalmist praises the Lord this way, O LORD, how manifold are thy works!

Manifold means "multiplied by the myriad."

Truly, we cannot begin to even fathom the greatness of our God nor number His glorious works. Whether we employ a microscope or a telescope, God's magnificent works are evident all around.

And to think that the apex of His creation is you and me is most mind boggling of all. The infinite care He gives to His creation is most expressed in us.

Thank God for his wonderful works and praise Him for His work in us!

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