Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ps 62:5 For my expectation is from Him.

Picture, if you will, little eaglets in their downy nest awaiting mom's return with a bit of carrion to fill their empty bellies. Now imagine a brisk wind coming up the canyon, filling their beaks with a sensation, but with no substance. And then, a light rain falls, small droplets enter agape mouths, but again, no satisfaction. What those little beggars need is a substantial meal. That is what they await. They long to hear mom's screech far overhead, the swoosh of her wings and the transfer of meat from her beak to their gullet.

As I look around, I am seeing multitudes of souls who await...something. They know not what it is they long for, so they are accepting of whatever comes along that offers the possibility of fulfillment. They have not learned that the Savior truly satisfies, and nothing else. So they accept "change that we can believe in", empty promises, tired rhetoric, idle idealism, fleshly temptation, alcoholic numbness, and drugged-induced stupors. They go from the gym to the bar to the theater to the club to the track to the casino to the buffet, and in the end, they are still hungry for something real and substantive. And these foolish little fledglings are not just the non-Christians, I see believers who cannot settle on Christ as their sufficiency. Shame!

The Bread of life offers sustenance. The Water of life offers satisfaction. In Him, we shall not want. He makes us to lie down in green pastures, He leads us beside the still waters, He restores our souls.

Look no further than your ever present Savior for that which you are missing.

When you expect from Him, you will never be disappointed.

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