Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Desert of My Job.

When you take a gander at the Judean wilderness, you get an idea of David's thoughts in the 63rd Psalm.

It has been said that when God had finished creating the world, He dumped the left-over rocks in Israel. Having been there and seen it, I could believe that legend.

Here, David is exiled from Jerusalem, that lofty, beautiful, gleaming city on a hill, home to the house of God and His Shekinah glory. He is languishing in the desert, on the run and longing for and recollecting home and for worship in the tabernacle.

In a sense, this reminds me of all my brothers and sisters out there in the work-a-day world, away from the house of God, far from the weekend worship where God came down with His glory.

The work week can sometimes feel like the desert where there is a dearth of the Living Water, where the glory and power of God seem distant and unattainable.

I thank God for His omnipresence. The reality is that God wishes to enter the fray of the nitty-gritty with you. He wants to work the line with you, travel the open road right by your side, and never leave you nor forsake you.

Church is great! The fellowship of the brethren (and sistern :<) is precious. Worshiping together can lift our spirits to great heights. Hearing God's Word preached in the power of the Spirit is unparalleled. But God with us in the factory, the school, the hospital, sustaining us in the mundane, that's the glory of being a believer. Additionally, longing for the house of the Lord while working in the world is a good thing. It gives us an appreciation for our church.

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