Tuesday, September 9, 2014

If I knew what God knows…

1. There is no way! As the heavens are far above the earth so are His ways above mine. However,
2. I would know when big changes were coming, the day and hour in which the Son of Man will come.
3. I would know the fate of men, good and bad.
4. I would know the glory that will be revealed in us that will overshadow our present sufferings.
5. I would know the destruction that is soon coming on the earth.
6. I would know the half that has not been told or entered into the heart of man of the things which He has prepared for them that love Him.
7. I would know the length, breadth, depth and height of the love that He has toward us.
8. I would know the answer to all the whys that have ever been asked.
9. I would know why good people suffer.
10. I would know all the ways of escape that He provides in times of our temptations.
11. I would know how one drop of the blood of His precious Son is able to wash away the sins of all mankind.
12. I would know to what extent and how many guardian angels watch over me.
13. I would know the mystery of the juxtaposition of God's sovereignty and my free will.
14. I would know just why He would ever love someone like me.
15. I would know the vast amounts of grace, mercy and forgiveness He has poured upon me.

Presently, I do not know any of these things. I am mostly without a clue. Therefore I live by faith in the One Who loved me so much that He gave Himself for me. I trust that He doeth all things well. I accept that I am blessed in that I walk by faith and not by sight. I am continually in awe of the Master and His ability to make sense out of the tapestry of this life that He is unfolding. I trust that He knows best, works all things together for good for them that love Him and are called to serve Him, and orders the steps of those committed to Him.

Living by faith! So much I don't know, but I know the One Who knows it all.

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