Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Fame of Jesus

Matthew  9:31  But they, when they were departed, spread abroad his fame in all that country.
Matthew 14:1  At that time Herod the tetrarch heard of the fame of Jesus

Recognize any of these names: Owen D. Young, Pierre Laval, Hugh S. Johnson, James F. Byrnes, Mohammed Mossadegh, Harlow Curtis? You should; according to Time magazine, these are all people who have been designated as "Man of the Year" by Time, indicating they had the greatest impact in that year of all persons living on Earth. The celebrity of today is all but forgotten tomorrow.

Jesus was very famous in the region for the following reasons:

1. For His miracles, as seen in Matthew chapters 8& 9
-the healing of a leper 8:3
-the healing of the palsied servant 8:8
-the healing of Peter's mother-in-law 8:14, 115
-the casting out of demons 8:16, 28-32, 9:32-33
-the calming of the sea 8:26
-the healing of the palsied man 9:6
-the healing of the woman with the issue of blood 9:22
-the raising of the dead girl  9:25
-the healing of the blind men 9:27-30

2. For His dealing with the religious leaders, as seen in chapter 12
-the Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath, vs 8
-the Son of Man has the authority to heal on the Sabbath, 11-12
-the Son of Man knows the thoughts of every man, 25
-the Son of Man's sign is Jonah's 3 days in the whale, 39-40
-the Son of Man accepts all who do God's will, 48-50

3. For His great teachings, as seen in chapter 13
-the parable of the sower and the seed, 3-23
-the parable of the sower and his field, 24-30
-the parable of the mustard seed, 31-32
-the parable of the leaven, 33

His fame continues today, because He is still in the miracle working business. He is still very active in the lives of people

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