Thursday, February 28, 2013

No Hope in the Pope!

 Pope Chopper I Carries Pontiff into the Sunset

Joseph Ratzinger can now go back to being himself, a frail old retiree enjoying his December days of life, rather than the go-to leader of a billion people, plus or minus. His papal ring and red shoes will now be relinquished.

We will endure the process and wait for the white smoke over the Sistine Chapel to tell us another Pontifex Maximus has been chosen. I don't know whether or not the next Bishop of Rome will be the person described in Revelation 13:11-18. However, soon, a new Pope will be that man. (IMHO)

We must keep our eyes on the One Who truly speaks "ex cathedra" for He alone is our true hope. But it would pay to keep a watch on Rome, for the end of days is near and those arising to power on the world's stage are all suspect for their possible affiliations with the coming one-world leader.

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