Sunday, August 14, 2011

MUTHLABBEN - They that trust in thee

Psalm 9:1-11

Upon Muthlabben, “the death of the son who would carry the name on”
This Psalm was written to be sung in difficult times.

We live in troublesome times, and they are going to get worse. They have to! Prosperity cannot go on unchecked if there is going to be a need for a world economy with a one world currency.

Due to the volatile stock market, one friend of mine lost $26K dollars last week. He is a retiree, not rich, but these were the funds meant to carry him into his golden years. In weeks like last week, retirements, kid’s college funds, etc. begin to dwindle. One man in Mexico lost $10 billion in one day last week!

Our slogan for our ministry for this year is: 1012 A Year of Preparation.
Spiritual, Physical, Emotional and Financial.

That is because, as pastor, I thought it needful for us to be prepared for the worst, which this world is coming to.

So, what if it all comes crumbling down? The economy crashes, gas goes crazy, we have
Hyper-inflation, we lose everything we had in the bank or retirement or savings. What if a person had $50k stashed away and it becomes basically worthless?

“Can’t happen preacher!” Really, tell that to countries like Mexico. A peso used to be worth a quarter, now it is worth nine cents. Can you imagine your paycheck suddenly being worth one-third its value? If you made $6oo a week, now you still make $600 but it will only buy you $200 worth of products or services.

It has happened in many parts of the world and I have no doubt that the powers that be have same thing planned for America.

Soon, in the tribulation period, which I don't plan to stick around to experience, things are going to be so bad that a daily ration of bread will cost a day's wages. See Rev 6:1-6.

So, what is a Christian to do in such difficult times?
1. Vs 1 – Praise the Lord and testify of His great works.
2. Vs 2 – Be glad, rejoice and sing to His name.
3. Vs 4, 7 – Realize that God will take care of you, He will still be on His throne. He will also take care of the bad guys.
4. Vs 8 – Realize that He will minister judgment to the righteous
5. Vs 9 – The Lord will be a refuge for us in the time of trouble.
6. Vs 10 – We will continue to trust God, knowing He will not forsake us!
7. Vs 11 – Same as number one!

Basically, we keep on keeping on. You be faithful in church, witness, study the Word, pray, tithe, help the missionaries.

Hard times can be a real blessing in disguise. We don’t have revival because things are going good. We realize we need the Lord when things are tough. We don’t make positive adjustments in our lives because things are on the up and up. Hard times are what cause us to look up.

I don’t like hard times, but if that’s what it takes to separate the men from the boys and if that’s what gets us on our knees, then so be it!

God help us to prepare for Muthlabben – hard times.

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