Friday, August 12, 2011

The Spiritual Gifts

1 Cor 12:1 Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant.

I love the study and implementation of the spiritual gifts. Paul
admonishes us not to be ignorant of the gifts that God gives to
believers to serve Him, the church and complete our satisfaction in
our work for Him.

Here are some simple thoughts (would you expect anything but
‘simple’ from me?) concerning spiritual gifts.

1. Every believer has a spiritual gift. Eph 4:7
2. Each gift is important, no gift is to be demeaned.
3. No gifts are to be bragged about.
4. Gifts are given by the Spirit in His wisdom. I Cor 12:11
5. It takes all the gifts being developed and employed by the believers
to mature the church and cause it to run smoothly and efficiently.
6. The believer should find out what his or her gift is/gifts are.
7. Those gifts need to be developed and used to their greatest
8. The use of the gift allows us to fulfill God's purpose and plan for
our lives.
9. Be aware that some of the spiritual gifts are no longer in use
(apostle, tongues, interpretation of tongues, special knowledge, working of miracles, healing) and one has been altered for our dispensation (prophecy).
I Cor 13:8, etc *
10. Tongues are primarily for the edification of the church.

Have you 'detected' your spiritual gifts? There are a number of
spiritual gift tests online, however most of them include tongues.
Simply don't answer the questions concerning tongues and

I encourage you to find out what your gift is, speak with your ministry
leaders and put them to work in regular and active ministry in your

To read more about the spiritual gifts, see I Cor 12 and 13, Rom 12 and Eph 4

Bless you as you serve!

*Please be aware that I am a Christian first and a Bible believer, then a Baptist. Being such, I personally do not subscribe to the use of the 'sign' gifts in our age. I do believe they will be employed once again in the Tribulation period. I believe that tongues were known languages, though possibly unknown to the speaker, and not an ecstatic utterance.

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