Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Providence of God in The Book of Esther.

Did you know that God is not referred to even one time in the entire 10 chapters of Esther?

Can you even imagine such a thing? Would God allow a book in His Word? However, in no book of the Bible is the hand of God as evident as in this one.

Let's look for the obvious hand of God, acts of Providence in this book.

Chapter One: The removal of Queen Vashti
for rebellion against the king, making way for a new queen.

Chapter Two: The search for a new queen. He just happens to chose Esther, a Jew, whose cousin just happens to be Mordecai, who just happens to overhear the seditious plans of two of the king's chamberlains and reports them to the powers that be.

Chapter Three: Haman is promoted to the number two man over 60 countries, 127 provinces. He happens to be an arch enemy of Mordecai who refuses to do obeisance to him. Haman deceives the king, husband to a Jewess, to decree a day of slaughter of the Jews.

Chapter Five: Esther appeals to the king for an audience. He just happens to extend the royal scepter to her to grant her this privilege.
She invites the king and Haman to two banquets. Haman is lifted up with pride at the queen's invitation.

Chapter Six: The King just happens to have insomnia one night and asks for someone to read him the royal records to put him to sleep. It just happens that the matter of the coup is read and the king just happens to decide that the loyal informer be honored and dignified. At that very moment, it just happens that Haman is about to ask the king to let Mordecai be hanged. The king preempts his request. It just happens that Haman suggests that a proper honoring of one whom the king wishes to dignify would be a big parade for him. Ha! Haman thought he was the man! Instead, it just so happened that he had to be the guy to lead the horse that bore the king's honoree, MORDECAI!

Chapter Seven: The queen tells hubby about the wicked plan to have her and her people killed. When the king demands the name of the instigator, it just happens to be the one in the room with them, Haman. The jerk decides to fall on the bed whereupon she sat so he could beg for his life. Just then, it just happens that the king, who had gone to the garden to think, comes back in to see Haman on the bed with his wife.
There just happens to be a 75 foot gallows handy, which just happened to be erected by Haman for the hanging of Mordecai.

Chapter Eight:
Mordecai just happens to be immediately promoted to Haman's position. It just so happened that his first official deed was to send a letter throughout the kingdom that the Jews had the right to defend and avenge themselves on d-day. They gained so much favor that many of the people were converted to Judaism. This stacked the numbers on their side.

Chapter Nine: When holocaust day came, the Jews were ready and all the police happened to decide to side with the Jews. There was a great slaughter of their enemies, over 75,000. This great number happened to include the 10 sons of Haman.

By the way, even considering Joseph, there may have never been a more powerful Jew in the history of the world than Mordecai, seeing as how he was the Prime Minister over 60 countries and 127 provinces. But there is One to come who is known as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

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