Friday, February 22, 2013

This is God!

Psalm 139

God's Omniscience (all-knowingness) 1-6 Such knowledge is too high for me 6
    He knows my activities 2
    He knows my thoughts 2
    He knows my words 4

God's Omnipresence (Everywhere present) 7-12 I cannot escape it. 7
    He is in heaven 8
    He is in hell 8
    He is in the uttermost parts of the sea 9, 10
    He is in the night  11, 12
    He is in the day  12

God's Omnipotence (all-powerful) 13-18 I cannot fathom it. 18
    He is in control of my entire life 13
    He covered me in the womb  13
    He made me in every detail  14-16

Thing is:
You cannot out-think Him, ask Isaiah
You cannot out run Him, ask Jonah
You cannot outlast Him, ask Jacob
You cannot out-give Him, ask Luke
You cannot out-love Him, ask John

Is He the Lord Sovereign of your life?
Do you recognize His Lordship?
    Over your worship?

Though men may strife to go beyond the reach of space
To crawl beyond the distant shining stars
This world's a room so small within my Master's house
The open sky's but a portion of his yard.

How big is God, how big and wide His vast domain
To try to tell these lips can only start
He's big enough to rule this mighty universe
Yet small enough to live within my heart.

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