Saturday, February 2, 2013

Judeo-Christian Nation

Not an exclusive organization, but an all-inclusive movement of those who call upon the Lord to bring America back to its moral foundation built upon the Word of God. There is no affiliation, just concerned Americans who are calling upon God to restore America to her solid foundational values.

This week's victory concerning Obama-Care and the Catholic Church ought to encourage all freedom loving believers to unite in fervent prayers that this would be just the first of many victories turning our nation back to righteousness.

*The ordeal that Hobby-Lobby is facing under Obama-Care would be a good issue for which to start praying. They should not be forced to provide healthcare to employees that includes morally objectionable mandates.

*Additionally, so many are concerned that the Constitution is being subjugated to globalism. Please pray that God would turn the hearts of our elected leaders to pay heed to the Bible and respect the Constitution.

*Pray that abortion on demand would end! This holocaust has to be stopped.

Would you start today to pray for God to begin turning our nation back around to the right so that we may see freedoms and righteousness restored? Please join with many others, email friends, use FaceBook, Twitter and whatever means possible, to see the tide begin to turn and then to see righteousness begin to snowball so that our president would be forced to admit, America IS a Christian nation.

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