Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sunday is Pentecost

What was Pentecost? A Jewish feast. “The fiftieth day” Root word “pente” (5/50) days after Passover. It celebrates the giving of the law on Sinai. Do you remember what happened way back on Sinai? Moses went up into the mountain and God came down and met him there. Moses saw God! As a result he glowed, so much so that they couldn’t even look at Moses’ face! There were lightnings and thunders and an earthquake! God wrote on the tables of stone with His finger. Moses returned with the Law of God!

But on this Acts 2 Pentecost, it was just 10 days after the ascension of Jesus into heaven. He had just given them the promise of Acts 1:8 and the charge of Mt 28:18-20.

All the believers went into the upper room, once again, God came down as they went up. Instead of lightning and thunder, there was the sound of a mighty rushing wind and cloven tongues of fire came upon them. God shook the place. They came out of that place so full of the Holy Ghost that they glowed and rather than having the Law of God, they had the Grace of God!

I wonder how many professing believers won't show up this Sunday when God comes down!

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