Friday, May 4, 2012

Is It Well With You?

Eccl 8:12 Though a sinner do evil an hundred times, and his days be prolonged, yet surely I know that it shall be well with them that fear God, which fear before him:

A person doesn't have to look too far to note the evil that is going on all around. Those who are outside of the Lord are slaves to their sin. And though they are allowed to continue for many years in their sin, we have this word from the Lord, "it shall be well with them that fear God."

A few years ago, our family fell victim to an unfortunate set of circumstances. We were trying to help someone out who ended up reneging on their part of the deal and it cost us dearly, so far about $105,000. We came to find out that there was an illegal operation being run by a mortgage company, a lender and appraisers. We will never recoup a dime of that money. The banks will reap all the benefits while we suffer the losses. However, we know that the Lord has taken note of the entire sordid affair and will see to it, either here in this lifetime, most assuredly, in the next, that it shall be well with us, for we fear God! (If anyone wants to buy a nice condo near a lake for a super good price, let me know!)

Hey friend, don't let the injustices that surround and beset you get you down. We know that, in the end, we win! It shall be well with you if you love the Lord. You are on the winning side. The recording angel is taking it all down. Motives are being recorded, actions are being noted and there is a great day coming when rewards will be given accordingly. The saints will have their day. Soul-winners will shine forever as the stars and as the brightness of the firmament. The godly will be recompensed.

Please, make sure that you are a God-fearing individual. Trust Christ, confess your sinfulness, open your heart to Him, invite Him into your life that your sins might all be forgiven and you can be washed as white as snow. I ask again, is it well with you?

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