Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Going to work isn't optional, the kids have to be in school. So why is church and option???

The dangers of missing work…
1. Your co-workers will regret that a valued member of the team will not be present
2. Production will be down, your job incomplete
3. Your boss will scramble to somehow fill in the gap
4. You will be professionally stunted, gaining no valuable skills and experience for the duration of your absence.
5. Your positive influence cannot inspire fellow employees or potential customers.
6. All the amenities invested to ensure your comfort and productivity will have been in vain for the time you are absent. Lights, air conditioning, phone, computer, desk, coffee, water cooler, etc., will all be wasted on your behalf.
7. Great company victories, accounts procured, sales made, deals sealed, and goods produced will be minus the fingerprint of your influence.

Better not play hooky from school…
1. Your friends will be sad without you.
2. School may not meet its standards (AYP)
3. Teacher will have to readjust the class
4. Your learning will have gaps\
5. You will not have the opportunity to be a friend to a lonely classmate.
6. Your desk will sit idle, school lunch prepared for you will go to waste.
7. The “A” on your test will instead be and “incomplete”

The problems of skipping church…
1. Other congregants will dearly miss a good brother or sister whose pew is vacant.
2. Your ministry at church will not be executed.
3. The Pastor will wonder how the body can function properly with missing body parts.
4. You will miss the opportunity to fellowship, grow in Christ, and respond to the message God has for you on the Lord’s day.
5. Your encouragement of others will not take happen, you won’t be a blessing to a brother or sister who needed you.
6. The expense that the church has gone to for your worship experience will have been wasted. The pew that was purchased for your comfort, the lights and air conditioning, the refreshments, all intended for you, all in vain. The meal that the pastor labored over for hours, the table set, and the delivery made, just for you… all for nothing.
7. As souls are saved, victories are gained, lives are restored, you will not be on hand to rejoice with your church in what God is doing. Rewards will go to others.

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