Monday, February 14, 2011

Pastor Hosni Mubarak

He's gone now, but I am a little miffed. Despite the issues of "stability in the region" I can't believe he took his people and ours for anywhere between $2 billion and $70 Billion. Some have said that it was a good investment for America on behalf of Israel, but right is right and wrong is wrong. So, I have a parable for perspective...

Pastor Mubarak is entrenched at Nile Road Baptist Church for 30 years. He is looking toward retirement and is dead set on his son taking over when he becomes Emeritus.

Nile Road has been receiving a large amount of support from another church for years. This supporting church is very concerned about Nile Road’s strategic position in its area.

The people of Nile Road, for the most part, despise his leadership, which has been very dictatorial. Pastor Mubarak is well known to have henchmen who mistreat, persecute and even torture members. Somehow, the pastor has amassed an unbelievable fortune, even though the church is struggling tremendously. Yet, the supporting church, Freedom Baptist continues support, knowing that he is misappropriating the funds for himself. They fear that, to withdraw funding would make the work in that area unstable. Also, Freedom thinks that if the pastor is forced out, legalists in the church might take over, which would be a disaster because then representatives from Freedom might have to come and dispose them of leadership. So, they continue pouring the funds of their own congregation into this rat hole.

Perhaps we should all enable the pastor to continue with his graft and corruption for fear of what might happen if he were gone?

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