Thursday, October 1, 2009

Don't Leave My Carcass in the Wilderness.

Please read Hebrews 3.

The 3rd chapter of Hebrews tells the tale of two houses; the house of Moses and the Household of Faith. Moses' house is referring to the Jews under his charge who made a 2 week trip in 40 years, (none of the fault lies at Moses' feet). The Household of faith includes all who have trusted Jesus as Savior.

The first household is intended to serve as a stark reminder to the 2nd, "Stay on your game and believe!"

Following is the downfall of Moses' household:
1) They hardened their hearts
2) They provoked God
3) They tempted Him to destroy them. (8, 9)
4) They grieved Him by sinning in their hearts
5) They neglected to understand His ways. (10)

The result of their autocracy was to be barred from entering their promised land.

So we have a challenge laid down in this chapter by the author and the holy Spirit. In verses 12 and following, we are admonished to take heed to stick close to God. We are to lift one another up daily in the faith, to not be deceived by sin. We are to keep the faith and to keep our hearts tender.

This world is our wilderness, but God has a rest for us, not in the life to come, but here and now. That rest is a life of victory where no wilderness wanderings continue. And we only reach that shore by faith's decree.

Let's believe God! The land of promise has been spied out and it is everything we hope for. Let's believe the good report and enter in to that good land flowing with milk and honey rather than shrink in fear because we think the opposition is too great.

Don't harden you heart, don't disbelieve, don't provoke the Holy One, don't tempt and grieve Him. Believe and be blessed.

Lord, deliver my carcass to the Land of Promise and leave it not to perish in this wilderness. I believe, help thou my unbelief.

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