Friday, August 30, 2013

This is What Grace People Do

Gal 5

Grace People...
*Stand fast in Liberty 1
*Wait for the Hope of Righteousness by Faith  5
*Run Well by Obeying the Truth  7
*Serve one another by Love  13, 14
*Live and Walk in the Spirit  16, 25
*Crucify the Flesh  24

Law People, on the other hand...
*Are entangled in the yoke of the law's bondage  1
*Dis-annul Christ's work for us   2-4
*Stumble and are hindered by disobedience to the truth  7
*Are persuaded by the wrong voices  8
*Are spoiled by the leaven of other law keepers  9
*Are troubled by them  12
*Bite and devour other believers  15
*Fulfill the lusts of the flesh, they have no power to do otherwise  16-21
*Are Desirous of vain glory, provoking others and are envious of others  26

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