Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Bit of Jesus with that Whine?

Whining is Unbecoming of a Believer

Read II Cor 4:17 and II Cor 5

Whatever crosses we are called to bear will soon be exchanged for a crown of glory. Our trials are temporary, our glory is eternal. Our afflictions are but a moment, our awards are monumental.

*We should not whine about our station in life - We will soon be promoted to kings and priests for Him.

*We should not whine about our problems in life - The trumpet call or the funeral dirge will alleviate every one of them.

*We should not whine about our finances in life - We are going to a place where bill-collectors cannot enter.

*We should not whine about our health in life - For no sickness of death is welcome in Glory.

*We should not whine about our wounded feelings in life - There, it is all about Him, not us!

So, let's do a lot less whining and a lot more glorying in our imminent future. That is, unless your future is an out of the frying pan and into the fire proposition! In which case...get saved!!!

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