Thursday, March 8, 2012

When you are in a dark place:

We don't mean to over simplify difficult situations. But when a person hurts deeply, sometimes it is the simple things which will help them find clarity. Often it is the old "can't see the forest for the trees things" syndrome. Just know that Satan hates you with all his might and is seeking to destroy you, BUT God loves you supremely and wants the very best for you. He is there right now in your lonely, dark hour.
Remember that greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. I Jn 4:4.

Here are some easy steps you can take on your journey out of that dark spot back to the light of day.

1. Go to the living Word where God will show you something you need for today. Hebrews 4:12
2. Pray! He is your loving Heavenly Father Who cares more about you than you could ever imagine. I Pet 5:7
3. Do right! If the stars fall from heaven, still, do right! Go do the things you know you need to be doing. Work, church, witnessing to others, be a good father, etc. Eccl 12:;13
4. Enlist prayer warriors on your behalf. Get those people you know who know how to bombard heaven and get answers.
5. Start thanking God for all the good things you know you are blessed with: family, life, breath, job, house, car, health, friends, church, salvation, freedom, etc.
6. Take a walk. Start seeing how much better you have it than others, even in your neighborhood. Breathe in some fresh, free air.
7. Find a way you can go be a blessing to someone else. Buy someone something! A cup of coffee, a bag of groceries, a tank of gas (get a bank loan first), do some yard work for someone, clean your church. The more you do for someone else, the less you dwell on the stuff going on in your life! Gal 6:10
8. Get around encouraging believers. Keep company with some positive people. Heb. 10:25


Farming On Faith said...

I just needed to hear this today.
Thank you for encouraging me today.

Pastor Fuller said...

Carrie, May our good Lord enfold you today in His loving arms and bless you abundantly!

Big Ben said...

I read it, as if you were reading it directly to me haha loved it! :)