Friday, October 14, 2011

What are We Doing?

I have recently felt a nagging burden that life's distractions are blurring our focus. We are extremely busy about things that don't matter at all. Someone said that the word BUSY could well mean Being Under Satan's Yoke.

Think about it, where do soul winning and missions land on your list of priorities? Are they even anywhere near the top 10? Does your effort, your checkbook, your prayers reflect that souls are important to you? The following paragraph by Spurgeon gripped me:

"How we fall short of having the passion we should. How would we react if we saw a huge line of blind men walking towards a thousand foot cliff, and one by one falling headlong onto jagged rocks below? Wouldn't we put ourselves between them and the cliff? Wouldn't we put our arms around them to hold them back? Wouldn't we implore them and scream at them to turn around? Yet we don't warn or plead with those whose fate is infinitely worse than that of those who would fall onto jagged rocks. Our passive preaching, and careful not to offend vocabulary betray our apathy and our unbelief. If we don't implore the world to turn from sin it's because we don't truly believe God's Word. We mustn't. We cannot be so deathly cold, so evil-hearted as to not care. We haven't let the reality of Hell sink into our minds and soften our hearts. The fact of its existence should horrify us beyond words, and then it should be reflected in our prayers and in our preaching." -Charles Spurgeon

Let's look for a soul needing Christ today and keep them from walking off the cliff.

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Following Jesus Home said...

This has also been concerning my heart. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. We're not even guaranteed the rest of today. Yet we still manage to put off what needs to be done now. What if Jesus just decided to put off saving us? What if He gave some lame excuse for not being there for us? It truly breaks my heart how often our ugly flesh shows and we allow ourselves to be pulled away by fleshly desires of this world. We cannot even blame Satan for the distractions. We are told clearly what He is trying to do. As a Christ follower, we have no excuse - it is completely on us that WE ALLOW the distractions in. We know they are there - and we CHOOSE to chase the squirrels rather than to continue on His brightly lit path He has laid before us.