Thursday, October 6, 2011

Behold How He Loved Him!

John 11:5 Now Jesus loved Martha, and her sister, and Lazarus.

It became obvious, on so many levels, the love of Jesus for His friends, Lazarus, Martha and Mary. He groaned in His spirit, He was troubled, He wept openly.

When we hurt, God hurts. Jesus had a special relationship with this trio of siblings, but don't think for a moment that He doesn't hold you just as dearly as these three.

Jesus was more heart broken for those left behind to grieve than He was for His departed friend. He was touched by Mary and Martha's feelings of remorse.

The thing is, He knew what He would do. He knew that God was about to be glorified as Lazarus would be raised from the dead. But for right now, His friends were going through it and it caused Him to be sorrowful.

Perhaps today will be a tough one for you. Know that God has already begun to provide the silver lining to your dark cloud. In the meantime, He notes your distress and actually enters into your grief with you.

As a friend reminded me today, the Lord knows how to turn our problems into positives. When Jesus was lifted up on the cross, He stretched forth His arms and became a plus sign.

Whatever the negative in your life today, up to and even including death, allow God to turn the devil’s minus into a plus for you and Him. Behold how He loves you!

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