Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Chief Priest's Duty is Never Done!

John 12:9 Much people of the Jews therefore knew that he was there: and they came not for Jesus' sake only, but that they might see Lazarus also, whom he had raised from the dead. 10 But the chief priests consulted that they might put Lazarus also to death; 11 Because that by reason of him many of the Jews went away, and believed on Jesus.

Okay, so the religious crowd has it in for Jesus and His friends. The sooner they can dispose of this rabble-rouser, the better. The threats did thin out the herd a bit. Many of the ones who followed for the miracles did not sign up for martyrdom, so they skedaddled. Others came to Christ in droves because of Lazarus' resurrection from the dead.

Funny thing I see here, the chief priests are considering putting Lazarus to death because he had been raised from the dead! Such irony!!!

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Mrs Loving my Jesus said...

Martyrdom is part of the cost, I've counted. If this be the Lord's will for my end, so be it! Aaaamen! Truth MUST be told!