Thursday, May 20, 2010

social networking

It is an extremely frustrating day. A virus is going through my computer like BP oil is filling the Gulf. It is amazing how attached we can get to those computers. But now it is a virus which is so attached. My brain is in that laptop! Literally thousands of hours of work are being eaten up by an e worm like bagworms eat an evergreen.

Oh well, now my kids will be able to see my face rather than the back of my head.

It so happens that the culprit came through FaceBook, which, as you know, is a social networking sight. FaceBook has now claimed a church family of 5, and two other teenagers. Now, it is going to cost us $356 to try to fix the computer.

It makes me think of the other types of social networking, that is, interpersonal relationships and the endemic dangers which accompany them. Breakdowns in communication, misunderstandings and yea, even vicious viruses ensue our attempts to stay connected. I have often considered buying some remote Montana property and a cabin and saying farewell to civilization. But, then there is that pesky great commission thing telling me to go into all the world and socially network, even though the cost and heartache may sometimes be high.

So, the PC is in the hands of the Geek Squad, Sunday's services will be sans Power Point, and I will go on interacting in my little social realms.

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