Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Obey your last orders first, unless it comes from the Lord.

I Kings 13:11-31

The Lying Old Prophet countermanded God's commandment to this unnamed man of God. He entrapped him by lying that the Lord told him to invite him home for dinner.

Because God had given the younger prophet the orders to come straight home, those were the words that were to be obeyed, no matter what lie about God someone else told him or what circumstances ensued. God doesn’t change His mind. His gifts and callings are without repentance. We are to do, post haste, that which the Lord has commanded and turn neither to the right or the left.

God's command trumps all else.

How many "men of God" have transgressed God's orders because of circumstances? We must remain faithful to the job to which we are called and fitted until that work is completely dispatched.

Question: Are you faithful to the task God has called you to do and will you stay committed, no matter what, to seeing His calling through until the end?

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