Monday, August 3, 2009

The Homebuilders

Pro 14:1 Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.

God is all about the home. It is the institution He first established with our great-grandparents, Adam and Eve. He intends for the home to be a picture of the relationship we, His children, have with Him.

He wants to see homes happy and harmonious, a far cry from the norm. It is possible, practical and providential to experience a little bit of heaven on earth in the sanctity and security of our homes.

The wife and mother is key to this heaven on earth. Upon her hinges swing the doors of success or failure for the household. She is the glue for all the relationships as she sets the tone for the atmosphere. Dad may lead and kids may need, but she sows the seed.

A wise woman seeks how she may build her household, complete with a solid foundation, quality materials and beautiful finish work. These are typified by Jesus, character and beauty.

But the foolish woman, and there are plenty of them, tears down what the Lord would want to be built.

How can the wise woman operate in the context of the home? 1) She must have a vibrant relationship with her supreme head, the Lord Jesus Christ. 2) She must diligently build and maintain a vital relationship with her husband, the head of her home. 3) She must diligently seek to nurture her children in the Lord's way, instilling into them godly character, responsibility, respect, morality and duty to God and society.

These are difficult to accomplish when steeped in consumerism, worldly appetites and self absorption. These are the tendencies of the foolish woman who plucks down the household with her own hands.

God, bless our precious wives, that they may have the strength, wisdom and courage to build our homes. You have instructed them to be keepers of the home. Help them to resist the temptation to pursue anything and everything but their Lord, their husband and their children. May we as husbands love them and you loved your church and gave yourself for it. Amen!

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