Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Down Goes Frazier!

Pro 20:3 It is an honour for a man to cease from strife: but every fool will be meddling.

Such was the call of Howard Cosell when Ali put Joe Frazier on the mat decades ago. That call rings across the sporting ages.

The end of a fight brings immense exuberation. The hype that preceded the fight was tremendous. Ali was known as the Louisville Lip, man could he talk and talk and talk...

The weigh-ins were a circus, the interviews, hilarious. The fight itself was classic. Actually, there were three, each one bigger and better than the previous.

But when the fight is over, the pugilists hug, a victor is crowned, peace reigns and life goes on.

When the fight is over, when the strife ceases, it is an honor for the participants. They come home to cheers, they are able to relax for a while, to convalesce, to enjoy a season of peace.

Life is a series of battles in a great war. We know who wins, we've read the back of the Book. We certainly don't look for fights, well, fools do, they will always be meddling. But when we do battle, we fight in the strength of the Lord. Sometimes we falter, sometimes we triumph. But when the battle's over, it is an honor to have it all said and done.

Are you in a battle today? Read the Word for your ammo, get filled with the Spirit for your strength and don't quit! Don't get discouraged, stay in the fight until it is over and the honor comes. Oh, and don't be foolish, meddling in affairs that don't concern you. When the fight comes, battle courageously. But don't go looking for a fight.

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