Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You can have your cake and eat it too!

78:25 Man did eat angel's food

Can you sense the amazement of the Psalmist as he pens these words? God is taking care of His kids in the wilderness. Water came from a rock, quails flew into their nets, but bread from heaven, not just once, but 6 days a week! That's amazing.

Angels eat? I never really thought about that too much. Why? Is it for fun? Do they need it to sustain strength as they minister to us? Do they eat manna for the same reason I eat nachos, because I can?

We sometimes think of the spiritual world as solely ethereal...unseen and immaterial. But it has to be pretty real if the angels sit down to honey flavored coriander bread on a regular basis.

And then, to think, heaven's bakery got this special order to feed a few million Jews in the wilderness for an indefinite period of time. And then there was the logistics of delivery. Did the angels drop it from the sky? Did coriander clouds drop the flakes on their camp? Hmmm.

The most amazing thing about it all to the Psalmist and to me, is that, when it seems impossible for God to care for His own, He surprises us with yet another way to open the windows of heaven.

In these hard times, making ends meet is going to be difficult. But those who love God are going to be amazed at the methods God will use to care for His own.

Pass the angel food cake, please!

Addendum: Our family is in a $$$ pinch! We took a large pay cut before it was even in vogue. We have had to file a small claims suit against former tenants in a property we reluctantly own. Even if we win the lawsuit, worth enough to fund the habits of a banana republic’s dictator for about 15 minutes, they don’t really have the means to pay up. Suddenly, out of heaven, well, Houston, Texas, I receive a call from the Judge Alex Show offering to have our case tried on TV. If we win, and I am pretty confident of that, the show pays the judgment against the defendants. Now once again, pass the angel food cake, please!

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