Monday, March 25, 2019

Stupid Smart Phones!

I meant to read my Bible
And take the time to pray
Just then came a fresh new text
I’d better answer that right away.

While doing that I noticed
Words with Friends gave an alert
I had three friends awaiting
For me to play a word.

New notices soon popped up
It was Face Book letting me know
Face Book friends had posted stuff
I’d better look right now.

I wondered while I was looking there
At cats and deer and such
If I’d even checked my email
I hadn’t been there much.

Oh, and then there was Twitter
I’d better check my tweets
If I missed the latest thing on there
Well, that wouldn’t be so sweet.

Tumblr, Snap Chat, Reddit
Linkedin and 3 or 4 more
I must check in on all of these
Before heading out the door.

Before I understood
What had just come about
I had made contact with all my sources
But left the Lord completely out!

My smart phone, tablet and PC
Have wasted so much time
And now I face another day
Without connecting to the Divine.

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