Wednesday, October 22, 2014

You Might Just Be Going to Hell If:

God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. Have you? Thanks to false religious teaching and misguided thinking, many who say they are going to heaven really aren't because they are seeking salvation on their own terms rather than God's. This is a horrible and eternal mistake.
So, please consider, with an open heart and an open Bible... You Just Might be Going to Hell If...
…Your mommy had to change your diaper just before your baptism.  Acts 2:41
…You had to wipe the baptismal water off your forehead.  Mk 16:16
…Your answer to the question: “Are you a Christian?” is “I’m an American, ain’t I?”  Heb 9:22
…You say you love Jesus, but don’t keep His commandments.  Jn 14:15
…You believe in God and that’s enough.  Jms 2:19
…You tell people, “I have always been a Christian.”  Jn 3:7
…You tell some soul-winner, “I have my own religion.”  Mt 10:32-33
…You love God but hate your brother.  I Jn 4:20
…You have both blessing and cursing, sweet and bitter waters flowing from the fountain of your lips. Jms 3:10-12
…You say you have faith, but there are no works to show for it.  Jms 2:20
…You claim Christianity but there has never been any fruit in your life. Mt 7:17-19
…You are trying to find acceptance from God by impressing Him with your goodness, your giving, your righteousness.  Eph 2:8-10
...You sin with impunity.  Heb 12:8
…You are comparing your righteousness to somebody else’s.  Rom 3:10, 23
…You know Jesus died for you, but you have not personally accepted His death in your place – His substitution for you.  Jn 3:16
…You “said a prayer” but never claimed Jesus as Lord of your life. Rom 10:9, 13
…You have no personal relationship with Jesus.  Jn 10:27

Friend, don’t complicate the matter. Jesus died for your sins and you must come to Him, completely trusting in Him for forgiveness and eternal life. Don’t go to hell because of religion or self-righteousness. Believe on Him today!

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Teresa said...

I am not trying to be controversial, Pastor, but my conscience just won't shut up sometimes and I have to speak out. I certainly agreed with your whole list here, but am wondering if just keeping nine of His commandments is enough to satisfy John 14:15, especially when I read Matthew 5:19. Would keeping another day than God blessed in the beginning and said to remember count? ~With all my sincere love always, your Christian sister, Teresa