Tuesday, March 18, 2014

God uses small things

Sticks and stones and donkey bones
Pots of water, manna in the sky,
Quails on the wing and pigs on the fly

Josh’s long day, a little bit of spit and a handful of clay
A den of lions, a furnace of fire,
A rooster’s bold crowing and an angelic choir

A floating axe head and a cripple carrying his bed
A star in the east, a Babylonian feast,
With writing on the wall, and Jericho’s fall

Rough wood and some nails, a cat o’ nine tails
A rock hewn tomb, merely a borrowed room

God seems to joy in deploying small stuff
Unexpectedly used as diamonds in the rough
But as I reflect, I realize the unusual choice
God used even me as His heart, His hand, His voice

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