Thursday, March 6, 2014


Ah, that beautiful day of the year when we all get an hour’s less sleep! There may be those few who miss Sunday school or the ones who will drive into the church parking lot for Worship wondering why so many are driving toward the restaurants. You know who you are!

Indeed, is there another day in which “spring forward” can mean we lose so much of our spring?
Do you realize that no day of the week means change as much as Sunday? I mean, how many major life changes have taken place in the pew, at an altar, in a Sunday school class?
And, how has the world changed because of those decisions made on a Sunday in the Lord’s house? Think of the many that have gone off to Bible college and eventually to the mission field, a church or some other ministry. As a result of a decision made at the close of a Sunday sermon, many hundreds or thousands of lives may be transformed.
So yeah, this is time change Sunday, but, let God speak to your heart today and something He may change in you could change the world.
 Perhaps this is your time for a change Sunday.

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