Monday, June 3, 2013

I Can't Get No Satisfaction, Though I Tried, and I Tried!!!

Caution, everything the world offers for your fulfillment will only leave you in want. The world's system is designed to suck you into dependance on its devices.

Funny how, many moons ago, a cigarette company tired to foist this lie upon the populace, that their brand truly satisfies. That must be why one cigarette was never enough. Their brand has as many chain smokers as the next.

The world cannot and will not meet your ongoing needs!

But God has a limited time, free offer for you!

Isa 55:1, 2: Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price. Wherefore do ye spend money for that which is not bread? and your labour for that which satisfieth not? hearken diligently unto me, and eat ye that which is good, and let your soul delight itself in fatness.

The thirst for Water that brings life is satisfied in Him.  1,2
The thirst for a Witness that saves a nation is satisfied in Him.  4
The thirst for Wisdom that rules the world is satisfied in Him. 8
The thirst for Ways that order our lives is satisfied in Him. 9
The thirst for Word that prosper our lives is satisfied in Him. 11

In Him we find refreshment and satisfaction for a parched soul. Come to the waters, drink heartily, it is free!!! And He does truly satisfy.

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anantha said...

Only the Lord Jesus will satisfy the thirsty souls.