Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Filled With Plenty

Pro 3:9, 10 Honour the LORD with thy substance, and with the firstfruits of all thine increase:
So shall thy barns be filled with plenty, and thy presses shall burst out with new wine

God's math and my math are two very different things. My wife and I decided a long time ago to quit budgeting. I wouldn't suggest that for everyone trying to dig themselves out of debt. In fact, it goes against what all good Christian financial counselors (and others) teach. On paper, it really just doesn't make sense that we could survive and thrive the way we have through God's blessings. But He doesn't seem to be in the "sense-making" mode.

What we have experienced is mind-boggling. The more we give to the Lord, the more we get back. So we give more and we get back more! It kind of goes like this, we give to get to give to get to give. It is true what they say, you just cannot out-give the Lord!

We have experienced some real financial crunches over the past few years, mainly over hospital visits and home buying and selling. Yet, we have done our best to always be faithful to the Lord in tithing and missions giving. Not only has He brought us through, but He has allowed us to flourish. Our latest slump is due to trying to help out a loved one, which has really caused the screws to be tightened. Yet, God is faithful to His promise of verses 9 and 10.

Some have questioned, If the Lord gave you ten times the amount you tithed, what would be your income? Well, let's just say that the IRS would be licking their chops as they reviewed our financial files. We could probably send Michelle and her husband on a date to NYC for pizza and a Broadway show!

Friend, I can't tell you all the “hows” of it, I can only tell you that God keeps His promises. If we will honor Him, first and foremost, with our substance, our barns (bank accounts) will be filled with plenty and our presses will burst out with new wine (Diet Coke!)

I encourage you, give to missions, help the needy, and especially, tithe to your local Bible-believing church! You will not go wrong. Be involved in the new math, God's ledger.

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