Friday, July 10, 2009

A Tale of Two Sons

Proverbs 10

This entire chapter contrasts two different types of people, those who are wise, industrious, righteous, etc, and those who are foolish, lazy and wicked. 30 out of 32of these verses present a contrast. Only verses 10 & 26 do not. The reader is given the choice of what type of son/daughter he/she will be.

We have choices to make everyday and there are consequences that come with each choice. When your choices become habits, character, or lack of character results. Proverbs helps a person choose by principle and character rather than situation and bad habit.

Following are a few of the contrasts:

1. Wise/Foolish. One makes his dad glad, the other makes his mum glum. vs 1
2. Righteous/Wicked. One cheats death, the other cheats his bank account. vs 2
3. Diligent/Slacker. One makes the dough, the other goes too slow. vss 3&4
4. Reaper/Sleeper. One stores while the other snores. vs 5
5. Just/Wicked. One is blessed, the other gets the rest (violence and rotteness) 6,7
6. Wise Heart/Prating Fool. One is a listener while the other loves to hear himself talk 8
7. Right Path/Wrong Path. One stands, the other falls. 9
8. Good Words/Bad Words. One builds, the other destroys. 11, 13
9. Love/Hate. One brings peace, one causes war. 12

Conclusion: The more lazy a person becomes, the more wicked his heart, words and actions. The more diligent a person is, the more he exhibits wisdom, character and is productive.

What type of person do we desire to be?

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