Monday, July 13, 2009

Private Enemy #1 - Pride

Pro 11:2 When pride cometh, then cometh shame: but with the lowly is wisdom.

Pride gets in the way of anything good. I am amazed at how often I hear people use the word pride as if it were a good thing. I am even more amazed seeing pride in action and the obstacle pride is to any sort of progress. Now comes the kicker...I am talking mainly about the pride in my own life.

Jesus was all about humility. If anyone has a right to be proud, He is the One, yet He took upon Him the form of a servant and became obedient unto death, even the shameful death of the cross. He invites us to enter His yoke of free-from-pride lowliness, that is where, He says, we can find rest.

As long as we cherish pride, as long as we demand to be right, be perfect, be the best, we will always experience an affront to our superiority because there will always come along someone who is more right than we are, more perfect and better. Then, our pride takes a whack. You can never find one with a deeper injury than a prideful person who took a hit in the ego. Then, as the Proverb says, cometh shame.

So, lay aside pride today. When the reality hits that you are less then all that, humbly agree with that assessment and there will be no pressure to prove anything except that you are what you are, just an old sinner saved by grace, an imperfect humble servant of the perfect King Who sees you as pretty special.

This lowly self assessment shows wisdom, as the verse says.

By the way, We are heading to youth camp today and will be out of pocket again for a while. I will try to post, however internet service will be pretty scarce, they don't even have cell phone service there. We will see you when we see you!

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redsoxninjya said...

im looking forward reading your next post. i really like your blog. please take care and god bless you.