Friday, July 24, 2009

Gracious Women and Strong Men

Pro 11:16 A gracious woman retaineth honour: and strong
men retain riches

Have you noticed the trend of role reversal so prevalent in
our society? It seems men have been so emasculated and
women have been so empowered that real men are very rare
these days.
I see that most men have taken the attitude of the native
Americans... "Our women make the decisions, prepare the
food, skin the animals, do all the work, take care of the
children We get to hunt, fish and lie about, and you want to
come and show us a better way to live?"
Men have been trained by TV, entertainment, the
government and their wives to tuck their tails between their
legs and just say, "Yes Ma'am!"
And why not? Leaving the responsibilities up to someone else
is kind of refreshing to someone of lower character. The
result... America 2009.
But a gracious woman who lets her guy be a real man and a
strong man who knows how to treat his lady...that's a
combination that pleases Heaven and provides for an
honorable and prosperous foundation for the home, church
and society.

Oh, just a moment, my wife is calling, "Coming dear!"

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