Wednesday, August 19, 2015

We Need Conversion

Jesus to Peter, "When thou art converted strengthen thy brethren."

Huh? Was Peter saved during his time of ministry with the Lord? Why was his conversion called into question? Could it be that a person can be saved, yet not converted?


Contrast the last of the gospels with the Acts of the Apostles, a time span of mere days!

Jesus knew what was in Peter when He called him. He also knew what needed to be infused and developed within him. He knew that Peter's natural bents, empowered with Holy Ghost unction, would be a catalyst for turning the world up-side-down.

Cephas, the pebble, was destined to become Peter, the rock. Pebbles are small, shifting and an irritation underfoot. Rocks are sure, solid and dependable. Jesus specializes in making rocks out of pebbles.

Along with nearly drowning in Galilee, in the end of the gospels, we find the fickle, faltering disciple cutting off ears, denying the Lord, claiming he would never forsake the Lord, skipping the crucifixion, cowering with fear in the upper room, and proclaiming, "I go a fishing" when he thought it was all over. 

Fast forward a month and a half...

We come to Acts chapters 2, 3 and following. Here's a powerhouse preacher proclaiming Christ, pricking hearts, quoting prophecy, fulfilling prophecy and baptizing thousands. Who is this guy? It seems as if he had a brain transplant. Or, was it a heart transplant? He is a new man, a completely different person. Bold, brash and brilliant! He has been converted. 

His understanding of theology, prophecy and the power of God went from dull to distinct. He has transformed from pathetic to passionate. His leadership is in full bloom. His focus went from the preservation of self to the salvation of the world.

What made the difference, how was he now converted?

The resurrection of the Lord changed everything!

For Peter, the resurrection put everything into perspective. It opened his heart, enlightened his mind and quickened his spirit.

From henceforth, no more denial for this disciple turned apostle. Now he is willing to die rather than deny. In the gospels, he said it. In Acts, he means it.

It is evident a vast majority of Christianity needs a Peter-esque conversion. We need a Holy Ghost infusion of the power like that which came upon Peter, making him a witness to the uttermost parts of the earth.

Peter entered in to the fellowship of Christ's sufferings and subsequently partook of the power of His resurrection.

Have we partaken in this power? Have I?

When you get converted, strengthen your brethren. 

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