Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Living Like Royalty

Partakers of the Heavenly Calling

Heb 3:1  Wherefore, holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling, consider the Apostle and High Priest of our profession, Christ Jesus;

1. We are Called to be Saints of God.  Rom 1:7, I Cor 1:2
2. We are Called to be Sons of God.  Gal 4:5, 6
3. We are Called to be Friends of God. Jn 15:15
4. We are Called to be Joint-Heirs with Christ.  Rom 8:17

Friend, we are currently royalty in waiting, presumably partakers of all the promises of God and presently seated in the heavenlies.

Ours is but to live up to our stature. Princes and princesses are not expected to be perfect, but there is an expectation that they carry themselves as royalty. Their status prohibits them from behaving like back alley low-lifes, partaking in guttery amusements. 

The Lord has made us kings and priests unto Himself, let's live accordingly. 

In the eleventh century, King Henry III of Bavaria grew tired of court life and the pressures of being a monarch. He made application to Prior Richard at a local monastery, asking to be accepted as a contemplative and spend the rest of his life in the monastery. "Your Majesty," said Prior Richard, "do you understand that the pledge here is one of obedience? That will be hard because you have been a king."

"I understand," said Henry. "The rest of my life I will be obedient to you, as Christ leads you."

"Then I will tell you what to do," said Prior Richard. "Go back to your throne and serve faithfully in the place where God has put you." When King Henry died, a statement was written: "The King learned to rule by being obedient." When we tire of our roles and responsibilities, it helps to remember God has planted us in a certain place and told us to be a good accountant or teacher or mother or father. Christ expects us to be faithful where he puts us, and when He returns, we'll rule together with him. 

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